Fredericksburg Septic Tank & Sewer Services

Septic Services

A well-cared for and maintained septic system will remain clear and free flowing for many years. If you neglect your system, it will eventually clog or fail which will lead to costly repairs or even a system replacement! Annual pumping of your septic tank will prolong the life of your system.

Signs of potential septic system failure:

  • Plumbing backup

  • Outdoor odor

  • Mushy or wet ground and or greener grass in the area of the septic system

  • Gurgling in your pipes or drains

At Rapidan Plumbing, we have the experience to get the job done right the first time. Our professional septic tank technicians use the best equipment to provide septic tank cleaning, new septic tank installation and septic tank system inspection.


Some of our Septic Tank Services Include:

  • New septic tank installation

  • Installation of filters

  • Septic system service and repair

  • Enzyme products for your septic treatment

  • Included warranty on parts and workmanship

Sewer Services

When it comes to your sewer cleaning, repair and replacement needs, Rapidan Plumbing is ready to help. We can solve your sewer problems quickly and professionally. We specialize in professional service and use the latest technology and products to get the job done right!


Some of our Sewer Services Include:

  • Sewer Repair - We make sure your sewer lines and pipes are clean and clear.

  • Hydro-jetting - Using high pressure water to safely and effectively clean your sewer lines.

  • Video Inspections - We can find problems in your lines using video cameras before digging starts.

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