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Water Treatment Methods in Fredericksburg

October 4, 2013 at 3:51 pm | Category: Water Treatment

Water is available to anyone for no cost. It can be found in so many places. The earth is comprised of mostly water. Human depend on water for every day things and it is up there with needing food. Some of the daily chores that we must complete can not be done without water to help. When water is used, can it be recycled to be available again?

Even wastewater is recyclable when it completes a process known as wastewater treatment. There is not only one method for wastewater treatment. Many of the methods are still as good today as they were years ago. This method of wastewater treatment gets rid of the odor by getting rid of the algae or bacteria in the water. The taste is also made better by chemicals being added to it in other treatment processes. The particles are gotten out with a filtration process. Methods for treating wastewater differ in many ways to ensure that the water is clean and safe for you to reuse again and again.

Wastewater Filtration

The method for treating wastewater in Fredericksburg that is know asĀ Filtration, takes out the particles in the wastewater by grabbing the particles and letting the remaining water flow through a membrane. The filter sifts the water and the particles causing them to separate from each other. More than one filter type is available for the filtration method. Simple filters that resemble fine nets are also utilized for the smaller particles in the water. For micro sized particles, an advanced system for filtering is needed.

Each filter has its own life expectancy. After the filter has been used for an extended period of time and the particles are gathered into the filter, the water will start to flow through it slowly. To eliminate the gathered particles from the filter, it will need to be washed by a method called backwashing. Taking the filter and flipping it inside out and running water through it will separate the particles from the filter. If this method does not help the flow of water through the filter, replacement of the filter is necessary.

Wastewater Aeration

Industries use the aeration method of treating wastewater more than the residential sectors do.AerationĀ simple means that air is brought to the water. The water becomes oxygenated by the air. This process is completed to get rid of the foul odor creating chemicals. These chemicals could be ammonia or hydrogen sulfide. There are many different ways to aerate the water.

Diffused aeration is completed by making bubbles in the water while aeration by a spray is completed by spraying the water in the air. Repeated aeration is done by letting the water go through the many conduits before it is allowed to mix in the air. The cascading aeration is completed to make little waterfalls that allow the water to flow through many layers. The final type of aeration is stripping. This stripping mixes multiple aeration and cascade aeration together.

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