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Water Softeners Do More For You Than You think

August 28, 2015 at 6:34 pm | Category: Water Treatment

Hard water is common all across the United States, including here in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and it’s hard on our home’s plumbing systems.  Hard water isn’t only difficult to deal with because it can taste funky, it’s also full of sediments that can cling to your plumbing pipes, fixtures, connections, and valves.

Hard water is just a term for water that is rich in mineral content.  While the mineral content varies from water source to water source, all water contains minerals.  Minerals can consist of calcium, magnesium carbonates, and limestone.

While minerals dissolve in the water, when heated to a certain degrees, the calcium carbonate turns into scale which is lighter than water and won’t absorb.  It’s a sticky substance too, which is why it sticks and clings to everything it touches.

Why Is Scale So Bad For My Plumbing?

Because scale sticks and coats everything, it can build up and cause problems like corrosion, rust, and solid clogs in your pipes.  Over time, the inner lining of your plumbing pipes can be so built up with scale that it continually causes clogs.  Plus, the chalky substance coats all your dishes in the dishwasher and is very difficult to get off.

Removing scale is difficult because it can form a solid, rock-like clog in your pipes and drains.  Sediments also fall down and build up in the bottom of boilers or hot water heater tanks, making the issue even more horrible for the homeowner.  Pretty soon, all the pipes in the home have funky tasting water and buildup on the pipes.

Professional Water Softener Installations

But, there’s good news if you have have this problem in your home.  The older your pipes are, the more you notice hard water problems.  So if you’re not experiencing continual clogs or funky tasting water, and chalky stuff on your dishes every time, you’re ahead of the game already.

Our technicians can install a whole home system that will soften your hard water.  As part of our available water treatment services, we can also help you with repairs and replacement parts.  Whether you want  a water softener for your house or for only one area, we can help you get it installed.

What Water Softeners Can Do For You

Installing a water softener will take care of your hard water problems for good.  You can have a whole home water softener installed that will effectively eliminate scale problems.  Water softeners, purification systems, and filtering all offer you ways to drink healthier water, but also help if you have a whole home system in keeping your plumbing in great shape.

Your plumbing can stay in great condition if you install a whole home water softener.  You’ll have more ability to keep your dishes spotless instead of having to put up with residue.  Plus, you’ll have to use less soap when laundering, bathing, or cleaning.

Water softeners take care of a lot more than  you would think.  They keep your plumbing in better shape, your fixtures in better condition, and your health in better shape, which makes them an all around important addition for any home.

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