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Arguments for Dale City Home Water Filtration

October 4, 2013 at 4:06 pm | Category: Water Treatment

Citizens in developed countries with treated water supplies spend billions of dollars a year on Dale City water filtration devices for home. Why would so many people do this? Health concerns, taste and cost are among the reasons cited by purchasers.

Developed countries, including the United States, have minimum standards for water supplied to public distribution systems. Dozens of potential pollutants are regularly tested for and citations are issued for violations. Also, the water must be disinfected to prevent waterborne illnesses. Most often chlorine or chloramines are used as disinfectants in these systems to prevent waterborne diseases. Oxidation, Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet Light are used less frequently.

Undoubtedly, the benefits of disinfecting public drinking water are great but there is growing concern among the scientific community and the general public about consuming disinfectants and disinfectant by-products caused by chlorine and chloramine. In addition to disinfectants and fluoride added intentionally, a wide array of other chemicals can find their way into public water as a result of industrial and agricultural activities.

Water fluoridation, the addition of fluoride to public water systems, is very controversial. The argument against fluoridation states that its effectiveness does not justify the cost, the dosage cannot be controlled and that it forces medication upon the public. Those for fluoridation cite the dental benefits and low risks to health. Whatever side of the argument you are on the fact is that fluoride is difficult to remove from drinking water. Carbon filters are not effective. Many Reverse Osmosis systems are certified for fluoride reduction but this an expensive solution and also strips mineral flavorings from water and send water down the waste pipe. Activated Alumina filters are a more economical alternative but do not carry 3rd party certifications.

Aesthetic and taste concerns are also common reasons for filtering water in Dale City homes. In areas where surface water (i.e. lakes, rivers and streams) are used as a source, mustiness and other odors can create an unpleasant taste. Geosmin is often to blame for the ‘dirt’ like taste in tap water. Other suspended and dissolved materials can create an unpalatable situation.

Cost is often cited as a concern for bottled water drinkers. Bottled water costs are an order of magnitude more than tap water filtered at home. Also, bottled water drinkers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of disposing of billions of plastic bottles. Bottled water drinkers are also becoming more aware that the federal standards in the US for bottled water quality are no more stringent than those of tap water. Call your Dale City plumber today and get the water filtration system that you need today.

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