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Types Of Water Heaters for Caroline County Homes

October 4, 2013 at 4:07 pm | Category: Water Heater

Water heaters for Caroline County are one of the most commonly used appliances by many householders. They are particularly helpful in storing and heating an amount of water. Hot water is required for both household and business purposes.

The primary function of a typical heating system is to store, heat and supply hot water in homes and commercial buildings. Usually the water is preheated and one can access it on opening the tap.

There are several types of heaters available in the market. The most commonly used type is the tank-type one. This comprises of a vertical cylindrical tank that is capable of holding any amount from 20 to 100 gallons. Such heaters can work on natural gas, propane, solar energy or electricity. Generally natural gas is used to fuel tank-type heaters. Another popular type is the combination heater. It is a tankless-type heater that is capable of providing with instant hot water. This type of heating system does not require any tank as it heats water instantly.

Water heaters typically consist of a cylindrical tank that stores a certain amount of water that is ready for use. To save up on operation and temperature costs, the tanks are usually equipped with strong insulation that is made up of superior quality polyurethane foam. There is a heating element too that is responsible for the heating process.

A typical water heating system in Caroline County is usually capable of holding around 50 gallons of water. All you need to do is to get the right sized heater that meets your requirements. You must choose a model whose efficiency suits your needs the best. For instance, electric heaters have around 98% efficiency whereas gas heaters have 85% efficiency. Every type has setbacks and advantages. A few popular types of heaters are explained as follows:

Traditional heating system – This type uses a tank to store water unless it is needed. Such a water heater uses gas, oil or electricity for the warming process. Tanks are generally well insulated to prevent heat-loss.

Tankless heating system – The technology that these types of heaters incorporate is amazingly efficient. They do not need a tank as they are equipped with the capability of heating water quickly.

Solar heating system – This type of heating systems use solar energy to warm water. The heated water gets stored in strongly insulated tanks.

Water heating systems are machines and can malfunction if not treated properly. You must seek expert technical support to fix issues with your water heaters. Ventura (CA) citizens can contact Rapidan Plumbing Inc for a Caroline County professional repairing services.

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