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What Is a Septic Tank in Dale City ?

October 4, 2013 at 4:06 pm | Category: Septic Tank

Septic tanks for Dale City homes, are a small scale sewage treatment plant and are common in households in rural or semi urban areas where laying a complete sewage system would be too expensive. These waste tanks are used to collect debris and use the waste water to flow into the drainage system. The construction material used for these sewage tanks varies and it could be nothing more than concrete tank with PVC pipes which uses a passive flow system. Nowadays active septic tanks are also being constructed with different materials and varying shapes and sizes.

Many new materials are being used for construction of sewage tanks and the low profile ones occupy less space and are custom designed for houses with low population thus saving space and cost. Depending upon the number of members in the household different types of tanks can be installed. Many manufacturers and shopkeepers also offer services like free installation and advice for the sewage tanks required for the household. Some even offer maintenance for the tanks installed. Commercial bacteria are also being sold to be used in these tanks to help in breaking down the waste.

The sewage tank needs to be periodically maintained as the sludge builds up and it is therefore good if some steps are taken to ensure the smooth functioning of the system by some simple methods like avoiding kitchen garbage, oil and sludge to be introduced into the sewage system. Also planning and efficiently managing the water usage and regulating laundry, washing, bathing and mopping one can reduce the amount of water treated in the septic tanks thus ensuring longer usage.

Most Dale City plumbing companies are selling these sewage tanks that can be installed for specific loads and areas and some have both an active and passive pumping system and methods to recharge the bacteria easily thus elongating the serviceability of the septic tanks. Modern septic tank designs include a riser which helps locate the tank easily and also insert the plumbing required to pump the tank to flush out effluents easily. Most companies also provide services for locating and pumping and maintaining the sewage tank and it is advisable to locate and purchase the septic tanks after researching thoroughly the needs of the household as also the area and topography of the land and soil and taking into account the cost involved in periodic maintenance. The bacteria help in breaking down the sludge and treating the sewage naturally and reduce smell and wastage therefore recharging the tank with bacteria which can be purchased from various stores will help the septic tank last longer without major maintenance. It is very easy to introduce the bacteria to the sewage tank, just pour it in the toilet bowl and flush thereby introducing the bacteria directly to the septic tank.

The most important thing to be kept in mind is that as the waste accumulates over time the solids which settle at the bottom of the tank, after the anaerobic disintegration of the waste by bacterias thereby reducing the effective area of the sewage tank, have to be pumped out and disposed of in the regulatory manner. Give you Dale City plumber a call today and see what they can do for you.

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