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5 Contemporary Kitchen Island Ideas

October 4, 2013 at 3:55 pm | Category: Plumbing

As homes continue to evolve, the importance of an efficient kitchen is becoming more and more apparent. Kitchen islands are very handy to have in a kitchen. Even though they are not a must have, they take a kitchen to a completely new level when it comes to maximum utilization of the entire kitchen space. They add an attractive look and also provide people with the ease of food preparation and versatility. No wonder more and more people are incorporating them in their designs to fully utilize its features and benefits.

These accessories come in numerous styles and designs. For those who are interested in enhancing the look of their kitchen while making it more versatile to their daily needs, take the following ideas into consideration:

1. Implement Plumbing and Electricity In the Kitchen Island

Instead of installing a giant brick structure in the middle of the kitchen to place your groceries, one can incorporate electric and plumbing into the kitchen island. A good island should always have everything within reach. A sink should be nearby for chopping fruits and vegetables. Having an electric stove installed within is also a great idea.

2. Add Open and Closed Shelf Designs

This is another feature to consider which ensures that everything is within your grasp. Both open and closed shelves have their uses. The open shelves can be used to stores plates and saucers while cutting utensils or big pots can be stocked in closed shelves. Most kitchens already come with a dishwasher installed however if that is not the case, you can easily have one installed inside. This will enable you to store dishes inside them aside from the shelves.

3. L-Shaped Islands

If you have plenty of kitchen space in the middle, you can install an L-shaped island with countertops matching the rest of the kitchen. Not only will this add style to your kitchen, it will also enable the island to be used as a spare dining table.

4. Oversized Islands are Great for Family Dining

If you have space to burn, installing an oversized island would be perfect for your home. In addition to all the features they comes with, these also make great dining tables for the entire family. They provide plenty of storage and functionality and typically come with a dishwasher, sink and cabinet space.

5. Designs For Open Kitchens

Kitchen islands are great for open floor plans. Placed directly in the center, such they can easily control incoming traffic at huge gatherings. They also include a raised eating area, a sink, dishwasher and drawers. It is also useful as a serving surface for large groups or a dining area for small gatherings.

The choices are unlimited and depend only on your budget, taste and kitchen space. Kitchen islands are such unique structures and even a simple one with a decent countertop can enhance the look of your kitchen while making it more functional at the same time.

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