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Fire Pits – Warm Up in Style This Winter

October 4, 2013 at 5:11 pm | Category: Home Improvement

A popular new trend in outdoor heating is to have your own fire going, on your patio or deck. Providing great warmth to the area and looking stylish at the same time. That sounds like a lot of trouble though, having to build your own fire. How do you contain it? That’s where a fire pit table comes in. Warming up with a fire becomes an extremely easy thing to do. What a fire pit does is keep a fire controlled and contained in one area, the “pit”. This makes it very safe to have one, even in quite a small area like a patio.

Having your own fire pit table brings many benefits. It allows you to enjoy being outside on chilly afternoons and long into late cold evenings. They are cozy for two people and can be enough to warm a whole group of people, making them fantastic for gatherings and parties. So you won’t have to freeze if you want to spend some time outdoors.

Patio fire pits come in a variety of different designs and models.

A fire pit table is just like an outside or patio table with a submerged bowl for your fire in the center of it. They are usually circular or square in shape and can be made of an assortment of materials including cast-aluminum, marble, slate, and steel. What’s really marvelous about a fire pit table is its added functionality. Dinner parties will take on a whole new vibe, with sitting around an elegant patio fire pit table. Most have enough room for dinner plates, glasses and dishes to sit comfortably on the frame of the table, with the fire itself being covered and contained by a protective mesh dome. This allows you to have patio chairs right at the table, and enjoy sitting at the table safely, without any sparks from the fire touching you. A beautiful addition to any patio or deck, the fire pit table creates a lovely ambiance.

Another fire pit design is one with a large circular bowl. These do not have a border or tile, so cannot be used as a table. Instead they offer a nice amount of space inside a bowl to store wood logs. You can create a classic camp fire look with one of these. They come in large and smaller varieties, so you can choose what style you are going for, and how big you want your fires to be.

Gas burning fire pits are perfect for those who live in areas where wood burning is not permitted due to fire hazard or air quality issues. They can run off either natural gas, which needs to be connected to a home’s gas lines; or they can run off a connected propane tank. Gas fires are the easiest fires to light, with many newer models having electric ignition. This means lighting a fire is as simple as pushing a button or flicking a switch. Otherwise, long stem gas igniters would be used.

When choosing an outdoor fire pit that suits you, keep in mind where you want to use it. A patio fire pit table works great for smaller areas where you don’t really want a large fire, but you still want to warm up the area nicely. You can create a warm and pleasant patio which is very inviting and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy your evenings outside, when it would otherwise be too cold. From cocktails and coffees, to lunches and dinners, a fire pit table provides an elegant and attractive, yet extremely useful addition to any patio.

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