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What You Need To Know About Commercial Plumbing Repairs Fredericksburg

August 24, 2016 at 2:42 pm | Category: Commercial Plumbing

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There are many business owners who aren’t aware what a good plumber can do for them. A professional plumber who is educated and experienced in commercial plumbing will be vital to your Fredericksburg, VA business for a number of reasons.

Having a good plumber on hand will ensure you have what you need, and quickly, so your business avoids having to shut down for repairs. The best plumbing contractors will give you the advice you need to ensure you don’t need to call them. Wait. -What? This is true!

If you own a commercial business in Fredricksburg, VA, there are many plumbing issues that a professional can help you avoid. You’ve heard it said that preventing problems is much better than waiting for them to happen. This couldn’t be truer.

Rapidan Plumbing, a local plumber, has put together some information you need to know. Take a look at some common issues below and give us a call with any questions or inquiries about our services.

Possible Dangers Of Lead In Commercial Plumbing Pipes

According to the CDC, older homes that have copper pipes that are joined together with soldered lead can lead to serious lead poisoning. Children are especially at risk. An act of Congress in 1986 banned lead solder containing greater than 0.2% lead and restricted the lead content of faucets, pipes, and other plumbing materials to no more than 8%.

Commercial businesses in Fredericksburg should have the water tested to detect the presence of lead in the water. This test will also determine the level of lead present.

Commercial Water Heaters & Scale

Commercial water heaters develop scale. This is a substance formed after the minerals present in all water sources are heated to a certain temperature. For commercial businesses, scale can be a problem because it coats pipes. As the substance builds up, the pipes narrow inside causing backups into the establishment. A rock hard blockage forms after time.

Having your commercial water heater flushed out and serviced yearly is important to avoid having to replace the unit sooner than it should have to be.

High-pressure water jetting removes the scale and all other substances, including bacteria, from the inside of plumbing pipes. A water softener installation will eliminate future problems with scale if the pipes and water heater tank have been cleaned.

With these two important preventative plumbing services, the problem will be eliminated for good.
Drain Cleaning -Avoid Fats, Oils, And Grease Down The Drain –

As a commercial plumbing system owner, you may have heard of FOG or Fats, Oils, and Grease. When FOGs are placed down the drain and enter the sewer line, they cause many problems including plumbing clogs and backups. Once they are disposed of in the pipe system, they congeal.

This can cause a huge problem for not only yourself but the county water treatment facilities as well. Fats, oils, and grease should never be disposed of down the drain.

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